About Triton Water Care Inc.

I, Taylor Mills, am the owner and operator of Triton Water Care Inc.

I grew up in the pool industry due to my parents owning and operating a pool store in Georgetown, ON. They focused on supplying the Halton Hills area with premium products and services, taking the time to build a relationship with every customer that walked through the door. I got to watch and admire their passion from a very young age, which I believe sparked the passion in me for this industry.

My parents, Mark and Paula, opened Triton Pools Inc. in 2009. At the young age of 15, I had the opportunity to begin working in the storefront. I quickly learned the importance of water care and the great effect it can have on bather’s safety and comfort. I received extensive training for multiple years to learn the ins and outs of the industry.

My favourite part about what I do is knowing I am making someone’s pool experience easier and more enjoyable. Pools and spas can be a great undertaking that require a lot of maintenance and care, which can be extremely overwhelming. At Triton I will continue to supply customers with exceptional water analysis and advice.

As my parents have decided to retire, they honored me with the opportunity to carry on their legacy. As I am taking over Triton by myself, I have decided to discontinue the service side of the company to focus on what I truly love to do, which is water testing and troubleshooting. The store will continue to be open with FREE water testing, chemical and accessory sales all year long!

I hope to see you all this summer!